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JB Woodcrafts in the Press – My First Pod Cast

Greenwood woodworking is a fascinating journey into the world of traditional craftsmanship. I was thrilled when Paul and Josh from JCR Builds approached me for an interview. Their dedication to building an online presence around woodworking resonated with my passion for the craft. Our conversation was enlightening for their audience and a reflective moment for me as I delved deep into my journey, the nuances of greenwood woodworking, and my aspirations for the future.

The beauty of greenwood woodworking lies in its rawness. Unlike other woodworking techniques where dried and seasoned wood is used, greenwood woodworking celebrates the freshness of newly cut wood. This not only brings out the natural beauty of the wood but also allows for more flexibility in crafting. The moisture content in the wood makes it easier to shape, carve, and mould, resulting in unique pieces that are artistic and functional.

Historically, many cultures have embraced this technique. From the intricate carvings of the Maori in New Zealand to the robust furniture of medieval Europe, greenwood woodworking has left its mark. Its relevance today is a testament to its timeless appeal. There’s a growing appreciation for handcrafted goods in a world dominated by mass-produced items. Greenwood woodworking emphasises individual craftsmanship and sustainability and fits perfectly into this narrative.

During the interview, I shared my personal journey into the world of greenwood woodworking. It began as a hobby, a way to connect with nature and history. Over time, as I honed my skills and deepened my understanding, it transformed into a passion. The tactile feel of fresh wood, the sound of carving, and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful from a raw piece of timber is incomparable. Paul and Josh, with their keen interest in woodworking, made the conversation engaging and insightful.

So, whether you’re a seasoned woodworker looking to expand your skills or simply someone interested in traditional crafts and techniques, this episode will surely provide you with valuable insights and inspiration. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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