Large Sycamore Salad Bowl – approx 10.5 inches


Discover our rustic Large Sycamore Salad Bowl, handcrafted for both beauty and practicality, perfect for elevating any meal.

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Discover the rustic charm of our Large Sycamore Salad Bowl, hand-turned from select sycamore greenwood. This bowl combines traditional craftsmanship with natural elegance, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Crafted with Tradition

Artisans skillfully turn each bowl on a pole lathe, a technique that brings out the wood’s rustic character. This method not only emphasizes the skill of the craftsman but also the unique texture of sycamore wood.

Quality and Durability

We choose the finest sycamore greenwood for its durability and attractive grain. This choice ensures a bowl that is not only beautiful but also sturdy for everyday use.

Natural and Rustic Design

Each bowl, with its distinctive grain and texture, is unique. The tactile surface and organic contours add an authentic rustic charm. Measuring 27cm in diameter and 13cm deep, it is perfect for large salads or as an impressive centrepiece.

Eco-Friendly and Practical

In our commitment to sustainability, we source the wood from local tree surgeons. The natural walnut oil finish, which we apply, is both eco-friendly and food-safe. This makes the bowl practical for everyday use while maintaining its natural beauty.

Simple Care for Longevity

Maintaining this bowl is easy. A simple hand wash and immediate drying will keep it in great condition. We also recommend regular reapplication of walnut oil to preserve its rustic appeal.

This Large Sycamore Salad Bowl is not just a kitchen item but a work of art, bringing the timeless beauty of woodcraft to your table. It’s the perfect gift or addition to your home, symbolizing the elegance of traditional woodworking.

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Diameter: 27cm, Depth: 13cm


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